The Sin of Three Children

On a lonely mountain road, as the clock approaches the midnight hour, these three young children meet their gruesome deaths.

According to the local law, their failure to completely stop at the stop sign by the Van Buren County Jail was their horrible sin. This judgement led to their dismal end.

"Little" Jackie Bouldin, Jr.: age 13

Darren "Ratt" Keith Kincer: age 15

Jeffrey B. "Bo" Walling: age 15

Spencer, Tennessee


Murders on the Mountain is a collection of nine true stories, told by Johnny Ray Graham. Mr. Graham experienced the impact of many of these gruesome murders directly, as his life and the life of his family has been touched by these travesties.

Most people believe in doing the right thing, but when it comes to standing up to the local authorities and exposing their dismal activities, few will step forward. This book stands alone as a true testament to the lives of these victims, and as a reverberating condemnation of the unchecked crimes of their attackers.

The song Mama's Grief was written by Mr. Graham and recounts the passion and grief of a mother struggling to make it through her hardest hour.

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